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Mini Box Muffle Furnace

Mini Box Muffle Furnace

  • Brief introduction:
    1 Max 1000°C design , continuous operating at 900°C .
    2 High quality alloy resistance wire as heating element
    3 High quality Alumina Ceramic Fiber as chamber material
    4 Temperature controller: PID temperature control ,LCD touch screen can chosen.
    5 Chamber capacity : 1 Liters
    6 Thermcouple : S style
    7 Application : Laboratories of institutions of higher learning.Scientific research  institutions factory enterprise. New material field ( metal material, ceramic material, nano material,semiconductor material etc.)
Detailed product

Mini Box Muffle Furnace(STM-1-10)


I Sintering Performances:

1.Chamber Size(mm):100mm(W)×100mm(D)×100mm(H)

2.Rated Temperature:1000℃

3.Temperature Stability:±1℃

4.Heating Speed:1-20℃/Min adjustable as your need

5.Chamber Material:High Purity Alumina Ceramic Fiber

6.Thermal Insulation Material:Polycrystalline Mullite Ceramic Fiber Material

II Heating Control Performances:


2.Heating Power:2KW

3.Heating Element:High temperature alloy resistance wire

4.Control Mode:It adopts imported intelligent microcomputer temperature control instrument with PID parameter self-tuning function and manual-automatic switch function no interference.It has over-temperature alarm function and can programme 2 groups 16 segments.The automatic heating,automatic insulation and automatic stop can meet the requirements of temperature control and constant temperature requirements.

5.Temperature Control Precision:±1℃

III Other Performances:

1.Furnace Structure:Integrative structure.The upper part is furnace body,and the lower part is temperature control cabinet.

2.Temperature measurement:K type thermocouple

3.The chamber adopts high quality alloy resistance wire,the wires are arranged on 

     the two sides of the chamber with good temperature uniformity.

4.With alerting signal for the over-temperature during the working process and it 

     can complete protective action automatically.

5.When the programs are set and press the starting-button,the following steps will 

    proceed automatically.

IV Spare Parts:

1.High temperature gloves:1 pair

2.Crucible tong:1 piece

3.Operation manual:1 piece

4.Certificate of qualification:1 piece


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