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1200℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Box Furnace

1200℃ Vacuum Atmosphere Box Furnace

  • Brief introduction:
    1 Max 1200°C design , continuous operating at 1100°C .
    2 High quality alloy resistance wire as heating element
    3 High quality Alumina Ceramic Fiber as chamber material
    4 Temperature controller: PID temperature control ,LCD touch screen can chosen.
    5 Chamber capacity : 1 Liters to 45 Liters according to customer request
    6 Thermcouple : K style
    7 Application : Laboratories of institutions of higher learning.Scientific research  institutions factory enterprise. New material field ( metal material, ceramic material, nano material,semiconductor material etc.)
Detailed product

1200℃Vacuum Atmosphere Box Furnace


Product description

STZ series products mainly aim at daily application and development of the laboratory.High quality chamber material and stable temperature control system can ensure the reliability of experimental data.New type ceramic fiber material as the chamber material and high quality high temperature alloy wire as heating element.Temperature controller adopts large touch screen microcomputer PID control module,which can reach accurate temperature control and constant temperature requirements.

Product features

1.Chamber material adopts vacuum forming ceramic fiber.It has not powder drops off with high temperature,small heating capacity and saving energy more than 50%.

2.Heating element adopts high temperature alloy wire,which can bear heavy load.It is stable and has long service life

3.High heating speed,and it takes 15-30 minutes from room temperature to 1000℃

4.High precision of temperature control with the temperature compensation and correction function at precision±1℃

5.Imported temperature control instrument with the programmable function can set heating curve and programme 2 groups 16 segments.

6.Integrative structure can reduce the used space with excellent appearance design.

7.Electronic parts and components adopt DELIXI brand with earth leakage function.It is safe and reliable.

8.With alerting signal for the over-temperature during the working process,which can complete protective action automatically.

9.When the programs are set and press the starting button,the following steps will proceed automatically.

10.Double door design structure with flange sealing and PTFE sealing ring can insure sealing property and can inlet inert protective gas under vacuum.The external metal pipe can make the high temperature volatile hazardous gases flow to the specified place.

11.Optional large screen paperless recorder is available which can complete the real time record of the heating curve.It can analysis and print experimental data with memory card.




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